My Go-To Green Cleaning Products

February 16, 2018
Go-to green cleaning products

I absolutely love having a tidy house. There’s no better feeling than having  a clean and calm environment after a long, busy day at work. What I don’t love is filling my house with all the harsh chemicals and fumes that come with traditional cleaning products.

When I decided to switch to green cleaning products, I didn’t have a clue where to start — and if you’re here, you’re probably in the same place. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite go-to green cleaning products to help make your transition from traditional cleaning products to green alternatives a lot easier than mine was!

What Do You Already Have?

Your first stop for green cleaning materials doesn’t have to be the grocery store — in fact, it should be your kitchen. You probably already have many of the ingredients you need for green cleaning, including baking soda, white vinegar and lemons.

If you’ve ever made a volcano, you know what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda — it creates a volatile reaction that has fueled elementary school experiments for decades. That same reaction can also clean your house. If you’ve got baked-on food in your oven, sprinkle it with baking soda and spray on some white vinegar — let it sit for a few minutes, and most of your work is already done.

If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, peel a few lemons and put the peels into a mason jar. Pour vinegar over the peels and let them sit for a few weeks. Once it’s done, decant it into a spray bottle, and you’ve made a beautifully lemon-scented cleaner with all the power of both the lemons and the vinegar. You can strain out the peels, or leave them in for extra cleaning power.

I know you didn’t come here for the cleaning products you can make in your kitchen, though, so here are some of my favorite green cleaning products for around the house.

Seventh Generation — All Products

If you’re looking for a company that offers green cleaning solutions for basically everything in your house, look no further than Seventh Generation. I stumbled upon their products while looking for new dish soap at the grocery store. I try to avoid soaps with a heavy artificial scent as a general rule, but it’s often hard to find soaps that will get the job done. Seventh Generation is probably one of the best green dish soaps I’ve ever used — I’ve never had any trouble getting even the greasiest stuck-on food to come off, and it’s super-gentle on my skin, too.

Seventh Generation makes a full range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, and as a bonus, they also make sanitary supplies such as diapers and tampons. They even have paper towels and toilet paper, made with 100 percent recycled paper and packaging, so if you’re looking to reduce your family’s carbon footprint and go a little greener by recycling, this company is a good place to start.

Nature Zway Bamboo Perforated Towels

One of my biggest waste sources was paper towels. I’ll be honest — I love the convenience of being able to just pull off a towel whenever I need it, without having to do laundry every time I run out. I tried to offset it by buying towels made from recycled materials, but even that only goes so far. These bamboo towels totally replaced my paper towel supply.

A roll of 25 sheets costs $11, which might seem a little excessive until you realize you can rinse and reuse each sheet up to 100 times. They’re more absorbent than regular paper towels, so you don’t need as many of them, and once they’re worn out, you can just toss them, because they’re 100 percent biodegradable.

EcoEgg Laundry Egg

This might sound a little off-the-wall, but I don’t use laundry detergent anymore — not since I discovered the EcoEgg Laundry Egg. This little plastic egg lives in my washing machine and has replaced even the best eco-friendly detergent. It works by using pellets that help break down the bond between the dirt and your clothes, and to lift the dirt away from the fabric.

It has no chemicals, and all I have to do is add some new pellets every 72 washes. Even if I do laundry twice a week, that’s still more than six months’ worth of laundry before I have to do anything to it! The EcoEgg comes in two scent options — spring blast or fresh linen — as well as an unscented version, which I prefer.

Better Life — Simply Floored Hardwood Cleaner

When it comes to flooring, I much prefer hardwood or tile to carpet — it’s easier to keep clean, and doesn’t harbor nearly as many allergens — but these floors can be a nightmare to clean. I dreaded mopping day until I discovered Simply Floored. This green cleaner is an all-natural alternative that helps me keep my floors clean and polished — no small feat with kids and pets — without loading up the floor or the air with chemicals.

It’s naturally scented, too — a light citrus scent formulated with grapefruit extract — which makes my house smell amazing on cleaning days.

Cleaning is still my least favorite chore, but n

ow I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing my cleaning supplies aren’t harming my family or the environment. I can even get the kids involved with the cleaning, since I don’t need to worry our cleaning supplies will make them sick.

Hopefully, this advice helps make your transition to green cleaning products a little simpler. Going green isn’t easy — but it’s definitely worth it.

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