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The Impact of Future Technology in Emergency Management

September 6, 2019
future technology in emergency management

With the reality of climate change visible on weather reports, we as a society must prepare ourselves for more severe weather. Those on the East and Southern coasts brace themselves for hurricanes and floods, while the West battles wildfire and drought. In an emergency when seconds count, technology can streamline evacuation efforts, reunite families and transport needed supplies to survivors.

What emerging technologies will have the most significant influence on emergency management? How can we use what we possess currently to improve response times? And can advances in software and hardware help prevent future disasters?

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Green Technology

What Technology Predicting Natural Disasters Means for Disaster Preparedness

September 2, 2019
technology predicting natural disasters

Natural disasters are becoming more prevalent and more destructive with each passing year, thanks to climate change and the rising global temperature. Hurricanes are getting larger and more powerful. Droughts are lasting longer, which encourages both water scarcity and wildfires. There are many other disasters we don’t hear about on the news unless they impact human life. New technology may be able to predict these events more accurately than ever before. What does this new predictive technology mean for disaster preparedness?

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Could AI Save Endangered Species?

May 9, 2019
ai save endangered species

As animal populations across the world continue to decline, efforts to protect endangered species are increasingly urgent. The scale of the issue is difficult to comprehend given the rapid rate of extinction. In northern Kenya alone, the number of reticulated giraffes has decreased by up to 70% in the past 30 years.

Regardless of the challenges, conservation professionals are doing everything in their power to ensure the survival of endangered wildlife. Fortunately, they have access to new technologies and methods of conservation with incredible promise. The potential of AI to save endangered species is particularly notable.

Of course, when the average person hears the words, “artificial intelligence,” their first thought usually isn’t wildlife conservation. But the impressive functionality of AI technology has made it useful for far more than self-driving cars and programs for predictive analysis. It has value elsewhere, for conservationists.

With that in mind — how can conservation organizations integrate artificial intelligence to increase the likelihood of success? What do their AI-driven projects look like, and what significance do they have for the future of conservation? These questions have fascinating answers, and we’ll explore them in greater detail below.

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