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How Green Buildings Will Change Our Architectural Landscape

May 13, 2019
green buildings

Decades ago, you didn’t hear much talk about global warming or saving the planet. It was all about building bigger and better. Studies now show construction — everything from sourcing materials to putting them together — is responsible for 23 percent of air pollution, 40 percent of water pollution and 50 percent of landfill waste.

Now, people are more aware of the Earth’s dwindling resources and are taking steps to implement green initiatives.

This growing awareness — along with sustainability becoming more profitable and desirable in the construction market — has led to a demand for more building options. In fact, experts say green building is the fastest growing industry worldwide.

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How The Pet Effect Shows Why Animals Are Our Best Friends

February 14, 2019
the pet effect

People have been keeping pets for as long as tens of thousands of years. What started as a utilitarian relationship has evolved into an unbreakable friendship.

People love their pets, and most people who have them consider them family members. It’s obvious that pets make people feel good, but researchers are learning more about the positive impacts they have on health — physical, mental, social and otherwise. The positive impact pets have on our physiology, known as the pet effect, is further proof that animals are our best friends.

Here are some examples of how pets positively impact our health.

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Green Technology

Free Solar for Low-Income Families Offers Promising Future for Renewable Energy

October 4, 2018
free solar for low income families

Reliance on fossil fuel paints a grim picture of the future. Heavy pollution and poor air quality, tainted groundwater and ravaged ecosystems comprise a landscape where nothing grows — the Earth salted without hope of restoration. Given the current political climate, this is a pressing threat.

The optimistic men and women at GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic picture the future differently. They view the future as one of long-term sustainable energy, using affordable alternatives to conventional methods to preserve the environment while enjoying the same level of comfort and convenience.

In their picture of the future, the air is clean, the groundwater is clear and wildlife receives the respect it deserves. The grass grows a little greener, and harmony exists between the natural and artificial. So how is GRID working toward making this dream a reality?

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Green Technology

4 Environmental Impacts of Heat Pumps

July 30, 2018
heat pumps environmental impacts

Heat pumps are an integral part of many homes’ HVAC systems, used for heating and cooling. They are found in homes around the globe, but until recently, experts haven’t started looking at heat pump environmental impact. How can your heat pump impact the environment and what can you do to improve your home’s carbon footprint?

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Best Plants for Each Room in Your House

June 11, 2018
Plants for each room

There’s something special about having a little bit of green in your home, whether it’s a spider plant hanging from a hook on your patio or some herbs growing in your kitchen window box. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few plant selections that are perfect for each room in your house.

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What Is Green Cleaning: The History of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

May 28, 2018
history of eco-friendly cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning your home, you want products that will get the job done. But when looking for products to rid your bathroom of bacteria or leave your floors looking shiny and new, have you considered what chemicals make up the products you use?

People choose to eliminate toxins from their diet, but often remain unaware of all the toxins in their home. You may surprise yourself when you figure out what seriously scary chemicals reside in many home cleaning products. Not only are they detrimental to the environment, but they can be toxic to your health as well.

So, what can you do to keep your home sparkling, yet safe? You can find the answer in green cleaning.

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Products

May 10, 2018
eco-friendly commercial cleaning products

Going green is a popular buzzword, as more and more people become concerned with the impact that we have on the planet. Driving electric cars, recycling and composting are all great ways to go green — but when it comes to cleaning products, many of the greenest households are still relying on harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia to keep their houses sparkling. Thankfully, the push toward green living has resulted in a plethora of eco-friendly cleaning products that you can use to reduce your reliance on harsh chemicals.  If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help — here’s our list of our top 10 eco-friendly cleaning products that we use every day.

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10 Green Home Renovations for DIYers

April 5, 2018
green home renovations

You care deeply about our planet and are mindful of your carbon footprint, which is one of the reasons you might fantasize about things like triple-glaze windows and a geothermal energy system. Another reason — let’s not kid ourselves — is you’re fond of long-term savings.

For the short-term, however, you’re limited to eco-friendly improvements you can tackle yourself using basic materials.

We’ve got your back on this one. Below you’ll find 10 green home renovations for DIYers that are kind to the environment as well as your wallet — and just may lay the groundwork for higher-end upgrades down the road.

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Green Technology

Geothermal vs. Solar Heating: Which Should You Install in Your Home?

March 26, 2018
geothermal vs. solar heating

“Green” home heating is the ultimate energy saver. Imagine the money you would save if you didn’t have to pay electricity or gas bills to keep warm — and think of the positive impact this change would have on the environment if whole communities switched to green energy.

If you are prepared to make a financial investment to convert your current heating system into environmentally friendly, renewable energy, you will have to decide on two major sources of energy: geothermal and solar.

Both are effective, and both are available. Each has its pluses and minuses, and one may be more applicable depending on where you live. Let’s take a look at geothermal vs. solar heating and see which is better for you.

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Green Technology

Renewable Energy Installations Costs by State

March 12, 2018
renewable energy installation costs by state

Renewable energy differs slightly for each state. This can lead to confusion for homeowners who are looking to improve their homes and reduce their energy costs because a simple google search for green technology on homes doesn’t give you a solid picture. There are some similarities across borders though. Most states agree on the major components of what renewable energy is and include at least solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biogas and biomass.

This is far from an exhaustive list of renewable energy sources, but it covers the main ones that most homeowners are familiar with and have a high probability of trying to incorporate. Each one has a different kind of market, depending on location and availability. Even when working with the best possible options for an area, there are still substantial costs and challenges to overcome.

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