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10 Benefits of Hydroponics vs. Traditional Farming

February 10, 2020
hydroponics vs. traditional farming

When was the last time you heard the phrase “hydroponics?” Maybe it was in the third season of the science fiction show “The Expanse,” which introduced a space botanist tasked with taking care of the hydroponic gardens Ganymede in orbit around Jupiter. While hydroponics might be integral to space travel, it’s quickly becoming important in modern agriculture as well. Here are 10 benefits of hydroponics over traditional farming. 

1. Water Use Is More Efficient

With hydroponics, you’re growing your plants in a water-based nutrient solution, but these systems use water more efficiently than any type of traditional farming and irrigation. They use up to 10 times less water than traditional agriculture because the majority of the water is captured and recycled, rather than being allowed to drain into the soil like you would with a regular farm plot or garden. 

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