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The History of Earth Day: How Has It Shaped Our Planet?

April 22, 2019
history of earth day

Every year on April 22, we collectively demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is a celebration of nature and a petition to preserve it, a time when people of all backgrounds, affiliations and cultures come together for one commonality: the planet where we live.

While it’s taken on more of an abstract purpose, Earth Day actually marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. The history of Earth Day begins in 1970, a pivotal year for the U.S. for a number of reasons. With all the problems plaguing the nation, pollution wasn’t at the forefront.

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Do Scientists Know What Causes Solar Storms?

April 11, 2019
solar storms

Most of us only think of the sun in passing. On hot afternoons when we hide beneath the shade, or rainy mornings when we wish for a little light, the sun is a subject of discussion. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to forget that our planet survives on the heat from a fiery ball of hot plasma 1.3 million times its size.

With this enormous number in mind, the concept of a “solar storm” is somewhat frightening. After all, the scale of our sun is immense and its power is incredible. It seems probable we’d eventually have to reconcile the fact that we live a very short distance from it, by astronomical standards.

In truth, solar storms aren’t as dangerous as they sound. They’re part of a cycle of high and low activity that repeats every 11 years. This cycle’s “solar maximum,” or peak, occurred between 2013 and 2014. As NASA predicted, we didn’t see any catastrophic solar events like some feared.

So what exactly are “solar storms” and how do they affect the Earth? Do scientists know what causes them? If so, what are the reasons behind this fascinating phenomenon? We’ll answer those questions and others like them by taking a comprehensive look at the many intriguing aspects of solar storms.
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Tips for Zero Waste Grocery Shopping When You Don’t Live Near a Zero Waste Grocery Store

March 28, 2019
zero waste grocery shopping

If you’ve chosen to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, you’re making a positive contribution to the planet. Your eco-conscious actions are setting an important precedent for future generations. At the same time, the greener choice isn’t always convenient, and you might have to go a little out of your way to manage your expenditure.

But there’s no reason to worry! As long as you follow a few basic strategies for reducing waste, you’ll find it’s simple and easy to maintain a small footprint. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, touching on seven tips for zero waste grocery shopping when you don’t live near a zero waste grocery store.

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Making Fast Food Chains More Sustainable

November 19, 2018
sustainable fast food chains

Fast food chains rule the casual eating landscape in the United States and around the world. Companies like Taco Bell and the omnipresent McDonald’s regularly feed enormous proportions of the population — around 84.8 million U.S. adults every day, according to some estimates — in part due to their ability to supply meals quickly and cheaply.

Considering their prevalence in society, it doesn’t seem like fast food chains are going anywhere anytime soon. Accordingly, many people wonder whether these chains can adjust business practices to fit growing demands for ethically sourced food.

Fast food companies impact the sustainability of the food supply, since their practices may differentiate lucrative farming practices from unsuccessful ones. Let’s look at how fast food chains impact the environment and consider how they could become more sustainable in the future.

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How to Live Green When No One Around You Is

October 1, 2018
how to live green

You’ve done the research and have started taking some steps.

Maybe you’ve eliminated plastic from your life, or you’ve committed to buying organic food and composting or producing as little waste as possible. You’ve discovered a new determination to break old habits and build new ones, to doing your part to help heal the world.

Especially if you are just beginning your green journey, you are probably full of excitement and determination. But more than likely, you are surrounded by people who don’t share your passion — whether it’s unsupportive family members, skeptical friends or antagonistic co-workers, it’s easy to feel alone in your green lifestyle.

It’s only natural to want the people you care about to join you, or at least to understand why you are making different choices. But sometimes, no matter what we do, we can’t seem to get our people on our side. Here are some ways to handle relationships with people who aren’t supportive of your new sustainable lifestyle.

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Green Living Blogs You Should Read in 2019

August 2, 2018
green living blogs

So, you’re just getting started on your sustainability journey, and you’re wondering how you can learn more about the topic? You have plenty of options thanks to today’s thriving green living blogging community.

Here are 10 of the best green living blogs to subscribe to for regular updates and tips about living a greener life.

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Are Organic Foods Better for You? Common Myths About Organic Food

June 25, 2018
common myths about organic food

They say you are what you eat, and eating organic food — food free of pesticides and other artificial chemicals — has become more popular in recent years. Does eating organically really do that much more for you than traditionally grown produce, or is it another way to make you spend more on your grocery bill every month? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common myths about organic food, and whether or not you really should spend extra green for some organic produce.

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How Plastic Pollution Infiltrated a Remote Island’s Shore

June 21, 2018
plastic pollution infiltrated remote island

We usually think of plastic pollution as a problem for crowded beaches or heavily populated events. Anywhere there is a concentration of people, there will inevitably be plastic waste scattered across the landscape. What most people don’t realize is that densely populated areas are not the only ones affected by this waste. The highest density of plastic pollution ever recorded is miles and miles away from any human interaction, on a small, uninhabited island in the South Pacific.

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What Are the Stats of Water Waste Around the World?

March 9, 2018
water waste around the world

Water is one of the most important substances on the planet. Every living being needs it to survive. We drink it, use it to produce food and use it for hygiene purposes. Sadly, though, one-sixth of the people in the world don’t have adequate access to clean water.

The reason for this isn’t so much that there isn’t enough water as it is an issue of management and distribution. While people in some areas struggle to find enough, other regions end up wasting substantial amounts of water.

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