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5 Green Transportation Solutions for Public Transportation System

May 29, 2020
green transportation solutions

Public transportation has the potential to transform traditional cities into sustainable paragons. When comparing the carbon footprint of public transit to that of single-passenger cars, the former carries a myriad of benefits. These include reduced fuel consumption, improved air quality, decreased traffic congestion and cost savings for commuters.

Public transportation has the potential to be a key player in the future sustainability of urban areas. Cities across the United States are working to find green transportation solutions to improve an outdated system. These initiatives include switching to electric buses, improving walkability in communities and making policy changes.

Here are five green transportation solutions to be on the lookout for in the future:

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Green Technology

5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Environmental Impacts

May 25, 2020
hydrogen fuel cells environmental impact

The movement towards sustainability has taken off around the world. Fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal are harmful to the environment, and people are encouraging the use of renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells are now entering the eco-friendly scene in an impactful way. 

From sustainability to production, hydrogen fuel cells offer an alternative to fossil fuels that’s practical and doable. With this change, industries of all kinds — from transportation to manufacturing — can start to incorporate hydrogen fuel cells into their operations. Hydrogen fuel cell environmental impacts are what set this resource apart from the rest. 

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Green Technology

10 Hydrogen Fuel Cells Advantages and Disadvantages

May 22, 2020
hydrogen fuel cells advantages and disadvantages

We are most familiar with hydrogen as an energy source in several organic compounds. These compounds are referred to as hydrocarbons and help form natural gas, propane and gasoline. Hydrogen fuel cell technology, on the other hand, is a process that transforms chemical energy into electrical. Because of its potential as a clean source of power, it has become an alternative to combustion-based systems.

Most hydrogen forms by separating it from natural gas, though scientists are working on other innovative ways of accomplishing this. One method of hydrogen gas extraction is through electrolysis. This process requires running an electric current through water, resulting in the separation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Unfortunately, this method is not cheap and involves carbon-intensive energy sources like oil and natural gas. 

Hydrogen fuel cell technology may change the way we power vehicles in the future. However, it also presents a few key challenges. Let’s examine hydrogen fuel cells’ advantages and disadvantages and what they mean for the future development of this energy source.

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Green Technology

Sustainable Transportation: Electric Car Emissions vs. Gas

May 18, 2020
electric car emissions vs gas

Electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy are shaking up the transportation industry. As consumers look for more sustainable solutions, automakers seek to fill the demand with cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to gas-powered vehicles. Additionally, as the global economy shifts away from a fossil fuel-dependent model, more companies are looking for ways to reduce emissions.

Comparing electric car emissions vs. gas requires looking at direct and lifecycle emissions. The former measures the amount of pollution associated with the vehicle’s tailpipe and fueling process. The latter accounts for the car’s production, use and disposal.

The mining and processing of car batteries for EVs is much more energy-intensive than the manufacturing of gas-powered vehicles. However, the total emissions produced by electric vehicles during their lifetime is significantly less than gas-powered cars. As the auto industry heads in a more sustainable direction, electric vehicles will play a vital role in the future of transportation. 


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Green Technology

8 Main Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

May 13, 2020
benefits of sustainable transportation

About 6,800 organizations provide public transportation within the U.S. Compared to driving cars, this mode of transport is incredibly sustainable, even more so if it utilizes electric or hybrid energy.

However, only 5% of working men and women utilize public transit systems. Rather, they use their own vehicles to commute to and from their jobs. This only exacerbates problems like greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and smog. Obviously, there must be a shift in mentality toward sustainable transportation before people begin transitioning into using it more frequently.

Understanding the benefits of sustainable transportation — of which there are many — may encourage workers to utilize it. Whether it be your health, the Earth, the community or your pocketbook, sustainable transit is better for them all. They will become more mainstream as the number of riders increases, allowing systems to expand and create an even greater impact.

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Green Technology

The Best Eco-Friendly Automobiles of 2020

May 11, 2020
eco-friendly automobiles

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly as we move closer to the planet’s 2030 deadline, after which the damage done from climate change may be irreversible.

We can recycle, compost, grow our own produce and only buy from local farms. We can also lessen our reliance on single-use plastics, such as straws and flatware. However, there is one thing that most of us can’t avoid — our daily commute. We might want to go green, but you can’t stop going to work just because you don’t want to drive your car. Thankfully, the push toward an eco-friendly society has led many manufacturers to create more sustainable automobiles.

With that in mind, here are some of the best eco-friendly cars and trucks of 2020.

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Green Technology

10 Benefits of Green Technology You Should Be Aware Of

May 8, 2020
benefits of green technology

Every day, people decide to change their lifestyles to become more sustainable. They might want to minimize their carbon footprint or help the local environment. It depends on your goals, but you don’t have to figure out your new status-quo on your own.

Technology is here to help you reach your sustainability goals. Check out these 10 benefits of green technology you should be aware of. They’ll help you ease into your new habits so that you can enjoy every step along your upcoming eco-friendly journey.

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Green Technology

Sustainability and Efficiency of Nuclear Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

May 4, 2020
nuclear vs. fossil fuels

Nuclear energy comes from the energy stored inside atoms — namely uranium atoms. These repeatedly split and merge in a process called nuclear fission. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, produce electricity and energy through burning resources like coal, gas and oil. 

Currently, nuclear power provides about 10% of the world’s electricity, while fossil fuels produce roughly 80%. But which is more sustainable? And is one more efficient than the other? 

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Green Technology

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

May 1, 2020
advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy

When you hear the words “nuclear energy,” you might think of a radioactive core, a steaming power plant or maybe even nuclear bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima. While these are all accurate representations of nuclear energy, they generally come with negative connotations. However, nuclear energy also presents a number of advantages. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy and what the future of energy may look like.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy often comes under fire for being dangerous and disadvantageous, especially if something goes wrong. However, the only time people typically hear about nuclear plants is when something does, in fact, go awry. What most of the public doesn’t know is that there are actually several advantages to this type of energy.

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Green Technology

Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels: What Does the Future Hold For Energy?

April 27, 2020
renewable energy vs fossil fuels

As coal plants continue to falter in production and solar capacity increases, the future of energy remains unknown. While renewable sources grow on a global scale, fossil fuels still account for the vast majority of our energy usage. In fact, only 20 fossil fuel companies account for more than a third of carbon emissions.

When it comes to renewable energy vs. fossil fuels, the projected outcomes vary widely. Some reports see peak fossil fuel demand as a past event, while others show the climax approaching in forthcoming years. When comparing the two, it’s essential to consider current rates of production and future trends. Forecasted changes depend on the cost efficiency of renewables, consumer demand for sustainable options, political and financial backing and the decrease of energy usage on a global scale.

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