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5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Environmental Impacts

May 25, 2020
hydrogen fuel cells environmental impact

The movement towards sustainability has taken off around the world. Fossil fuels like natural gas, oil and coal are harmful to the environment, and people are encouraging the use of renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells are now entering the eco-friendly scene in an impactful way. 

From sustainability to production, hydrogen fuel cells offer an alternative to fossil fuels that’s practical and doable. With this change, industries of all kinds — from transportation to manufacturing — can start to incorporate hydrogen fuel cells into their operations. Hydrogen fuel cell environmental impacts are what set this resource apart from the rest. 

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Green Technology

10 Hydrogen Fuel Cells Advantages and Disadvantages

May 22, 2020
hydrogen fuel cells advantages and disadvantages

We are most familiar with hydrogen as an energy source in several organic compounds. These compounds are referred to as hydrocarbons and help form natural gas, propane and gasoline. Hydrogen fuel cell technology, on the other hand, is a process that transforms chemical energy into electrical. Because of its potential as a clean source of power, it has become an alternative to combustion-based systems.

Most hydrogen forms by separating it from natural gas, though scientists are working on other innovative ways of accomplishing this. One method of hydrogen gas extraction is through electrolysis. This process requires running an electric current through water, resulting in the separation of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Unfortunately, this method is not cheap and involves carbon-intensive energy sources like oil and natural gas. 

Hydrogen fuel cell technology may change the way we power vehicles in the future. However, it also presents a few key challenges. Let’s examine hydrogen fuel cells’ advantages and disadvantages and what they mean for the future development of this energy source.

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