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Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

May 1, 2020
advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy

When you hear the words “nuclear energy,” you might think of a radioactive core, a steaming power plant or maybe even nuclear bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima. While these are all accurate representations of nuclear energy, they generally come with negative connotations. However, nuclear energy also presents a number of advantages. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy and what the future of energy may look like.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy often comes under fire for being dangerous and disadvantageous, especially if something goes wrong. However, the only time people typically hear about nuclear plants is when something does, in fact, go awry. What most of the public doesn’t know is that there are actually several advantages to this type of energy.

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What Are the Effects of Offshore Drilling on Marine Life?

October 31, 2019
effects of offshore drilling on marine life

The oil industry has shaped our modern world in countless ways, including by impacting the previously unblemished habitats of wildlife in national parks and protected areas. But much of our oil extraction effort is conducted offshore.

So what are the impacts of this seemingly unstoppable and ethically hollow industry? As you might expect, there are both immediate and long-term effects on our planet’s oceans. However, we don’t know exactly how long the effects of our actions will continue to affect our ocean’s ecosystems.

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Green Technology

Technology Helping Us Create Clean Oil Drilling Techniques

October 28, 2019
clean oil drilling

Oil and clean aren’t two words you usually see together. The oil and petroleum industry has a reputation for being dirty — one of the biggest polluters and, overall, a threat to the environment. The reputation isn’t entirely unearned, as the industry is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

But oil and gas executives are facing a crisis of reputation that threatens the future of the industry. Younger generations’ poor view of the industry makes it difficult to attract talented engineers. These threats to long-term profits have industry officials rethinking both their drilling methods and overall business strategy.

Now, the oil and petroleum industry is turning to new technologies that they hope will result in “clean” oil drilling — drilling that doesn’t produce nearly as much pollution or harm to the environment.

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What Are the Environmental Impacts of Offshore Drilling?

October 24, 2019
environmental effects of offshore drilling

Offshore drilling involves extracting oil from reserves located beneath the sea rather than on land. There’s also what’s known as deepwater drilling, where the necessary equipment reaches depths of at least 1,000 meters. Offshore drilling is complicated, but its supporters assert it’s an essential process due to the world’s continued dependence on fossil fuels.

They often overlook the environmental impacts, though. Here are some of them.

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Green Technology

Propane vs. Geothermal: Which Should You Invest In?

February 5, 2018
propane vs geothermal

There are some great options available for heating your home, but two of the best options are propane and geothermal. Each one provides different benefits and has different drawbacks to it. Understanding the differences can help you make the best decisions for your situation. Propane vs. geothermal isn’t just about the cheapest option, though. You also have to take into account how it will affect the value of your home, how it will pay you back over the long-term and what kind of improvements in the area you can expect.

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Obama’s Environmental Legacy Versus the Legacy Trump Is Leaving

December 29, 2017
Obama's environmental legacy

Since the primordial cook fires of our ancestors first released carbon into the atmosphere, humans have made changes to their environment. Our surroundings, after all, are our vehicle for advancement: We learned breeding and farming to supply a steady food supply, cut trees from the forests for shelter, and burned whatever we could for heat and light. The Earth provides what we consume, fueling our collective forward motion.

Consumption and modification of the environment seat us at the forefront of all other species and allows us the luxury of meteoric advancement — often at the cost of our surroundings. Our progress has finally reached a terminal point where we, as a species, become aware of our unsustainable lifestyles. We may still use the Earth as elastic for the evolutionary slingshot of the human race, but our future seeks better propulsion by sustainable means.

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Green Technology

What Is the Future of Gas and Oil Companies?

September 1, 2017
Future of gas and oil

The future of gas and oil companies seems to have drastically altered in the past few years. It’s shaped economies and political landscapes. We use oil and gas to get much of our energy and the heat for our homes. We use gasoline to fuel our vehicles.

Oil and gas companies, however, typically don’t have the best reputation. Many people consider them money-hungry and get lots of press coverage for oil spills and other accidents.

This, as well as the emissions they release, makes them less than popular with environmentally minded folks. While more eco-friendly than coal, they aren’t as green as renewables like hydro, solar and wind, which have no emissions, so what does this mean for the future of gas and oil companies?

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