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How You Can Begin Gardening for the Environment

August 12, 2020
Gardening for the Environment

A home garden can help you take the first step on your sustainable journey. There’s a substantial difference between a traditional garden and an eco-friendly one. The latter uses environmentally-conscious practices and habits to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs that are better for you and the planet. That sounds helpful, right?

By gardening for the environment, you can create a better world as a whole. 

Green gardens don’t use harmful products like chemicals or pesticides to promote and maintain growth. Instead, they rely on sustainable practices to support diverse local ecosystems. They also don’t generate any waste. 

A traditional garden may not use methods that work best for the planet. The way you curate and manage your garden defines whether or not it’s eco-friendly.

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Top Environmental Nonprofits to Watch in 2020

August 7, 2020
top environmental nonprofits

In the face of climate change, environmental nonprofits are committed to making the world a greener, cleaner place. How do you know which ones are really doing the work, though?

Unfortunately, many organizations green-wash their corporate social responsibility, claiming to be making a difference without really doing much. Luckily, there are plenty of environmental nonprofits taking a stand against pollution, environmental degradation and natural resource depletion.

From the food system to renewable energy, here are the top 10 environmental nonprofits to watch in 2020.

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Sustainable Living Solutions for Renters

August 5, 2020
sustainable living solutions

Now more than ever, Americans and people all over the world are looking to live sustainably. In fact, in one study, 87% of respondents said they made a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and make sustainable choices. 

If you’re one of the many committed to doing the same, one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment is finding a sustainable living solution. That means thoroughly vetting potential apartments and looking for ways to green your space after you move. Here are a few ways you can do just that. 

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The Rise of the Homesteading Lifestyle Among Millennials

August 3, 2020
homesteading lifestyle

A growing number of young people are returning to the land. The appeal of the homesteading lifestyle has attracted millennials to live differently, growing their own food and living a bit lighter on the earth. 

Even as a generation raised in a technology-focused time, these young people are seeking out ways to live more connected to their environment. The motivation behind seeking a more agrarian lifestyle seems to be rooted in two things — living more authentically and environmental sustainability. 

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7 Stress-Free Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Pregnancy

July 31, 2020
eco-friendly pregnancy

Today, pregnant women are bombarded with advertisements about stretch mark creams, maternity workout gear, prenatal teas and a never-ending list of necessary baby gear. For eco-conscious mamas, the constant stream of consumerism can be overwhelming. 

Having an eco-friendly pregnancy doesn’t require expensive hand-sewn maternity wear, organic superfoods or costly makeup. There are plenty of ways to be more environmentally conscious without spending too much money. Here are a few ideas on how to have a more sustainably-minded pregnancy, without stressing about it. 

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DIY Sustainable Living Ideas for a Small Space

July 29, 2020
diy sustainable living

If you are interested in a more sustainable lifestyle, the biggest changes you can make start at home. There are tons of reasons to go green, including benefits to your health and more money in your bank account. However, sustainability is becoming a marketing tool, making it easy to be eco-friendly without really changing our habits. 

There are plenty of ways you can live more sustainably without spending any money. These do-it-yourself projects are fun, rewarding and great for the environment. Regardless of where you live, there are tons of significant changes you can make. If you live in a small space, here are some easy DIY sustainability projects to try out. 

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What Is Sustainable Farming and Can It Save Our World?

July 22, 2020
advantages of sustainable farming

Sustainable farming seeks to preserve and improve the environment, ensure human health and grow food for the growing global population. There are many philosophies and methods contained within this practice, and it can be tricky to choose one definition. In general, sustainable agriculture looks to improve growing practices so that land does not degrade at the expense of crop cultivation. 

With the rising threat of climate change, sustainable farming is an essential consideration to save our world and strengthen our resilience in the future.

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What Are the Top Pros and Cons of Aquaculture?

July 20, 2020
pros and cons of aquaculture

Aquaculture, or fish farming, is a practice that might sound relatively new but has been around for thousands of years. It dates back to 475 BC when a man in China named Fan Lai penned a book on how to raise fish for food. While he may have been raising food for his family or village, Fan Lai could never have imagined the sheer scale of the aquaculture industry as it exists today.

Aquaculture has also been in the news recently due to a presidential executive order that may open the doors to allow fish farms to operate in the open ocean. While aquaculture does provide a substantial portion of the fish we consume every year, environmental activists are up in arms against this executive order because of the potential damage that it could do to ocean ecosystems. 

If you want to learn more about this age-old trend, consider the pros and cons of aquaculture.

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Does Organic Farming Matter? 10 Pros and Cons of Organic Farming

July 18, 2020
organic farming pros and cons

Consumers are increasingly seeking out organic food, primarily produce. In the last few years, the demand for organically grown food has skyrocketed. Growing food organically means cultivating crops without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. Yet why does this matter? Does it make a difference for human health, rural economies or the environment? 

Here are 10 organic farming pros and cons.

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Crop Rotation Planner for Beginning Homesteaders

July 10, 2020
crop rotation planner

If you are new to homesteading, writing out a planting schedule may seem daunting. Isn’t it easier to just throw some seed in the ground and see what happens? While it would be nice, starting your garden without a plan is rarely successful. Sure, you might get a nice crop of lettuce and peas in the spring, but what about those watermelons and swiss chard you wanted to harvest later in August? 

If you are a beginning homesteader, you need to look into crop rotation. Making a crop rotation planner helps you figure out what to grow, where to grow it and how much to plant. Regardless of your growing experience, crop rotation plans your growing season more effectively, reduces pest and disease pressure and can increase yields.

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