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How to Identify Sustainable Beauty Products by Their Ingredients

December 20, 2018
sustainable beauty products

This is the third of a five-post series looking into environmental issues with the beauty industry, areas it’s excelling in sustainability and where we can expect to see sustainability efforts improve in the future. You can find the previous post here.


Many people know that switching to sustainable beauty products helps the environment, but did you know it may improve your health as well?

As many of the chemicals typically used in cosmetic production have yet to undergo rigorous testing, no one truly knows the impact these synthetic substances may have on health. But we do know that the skin absorbs chemical additives like a sponge. So avoiding personal hygiene products laden with chemical additives and preservatives just makes sense.

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How Did Sustainable Beauty Begin, and What Are the Current Trends?

December 17, 2018
sustainable beauty

This is the second post in a five-part series environmental issues with the beauty industry, areas it’s excelling in sustainability and where we can expect to see sustainability efforts improve in the future. You can find the previous post here.


In today’s electronically connected world, consumers have greater access to information about the products they use than ever before. As a result, manufacturers face increasing public pressure to abandon wasteful production practices and embrace cleaner, greener alternatives.

The beauty industry stands at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Consumers criticize non-essential items most harshly. While few people encounter public scorn for activities such as driving — which pollutes heavily but remains a necessity — choosing to patronize beauty brands accused of unsustainable practices has long raised eyebrows. Cosmetics manufacturers continue to experiment with new techniques to create products that enhance beauty without destroying the planet.

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Common Beauty Industry Environmental Issues

December 13, 2018
beauty industry environmental issues

This is the first of a five-post series looking into environmental issues with the beauty industry, areas it’s excelling in sustainability and where we can expect to see sustainability efforts improve in the future.

More people than ever before recognize the importance of going green to humankind’s continued existence on this planet and with good reason. The most recent National Climate Assessment strongly suggests that failing to take immediate action to address climate change will cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

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What to Know About Zero Waste Week 2018

September 17, 2018
Zero waste week

If you’re like most people, when you toss something into the trashcan, you probably forget about it almost immediately. That piece of rubbish leaves your sigh with the rest of your trash and begins its journey. Although you may not give this “journey” a second thought, it’s happening nonetheless. Your waste ultimately ends up in a landfill, at the bottom of the ocean or, even worse, dumped into the heart of a cute and cuddly land-dwelling creature’s home.

This doesn’t mean you should never toss anything in the trashcan again. It just means you have an opportunity to cut down on your waste and make a smaller impact on Mother Earth. This is why we have Zero Waste Week. It all started with environmental enthusiast Rachelle Strauss, a woman who decided about a decade ago that it was time to take action to change the planet. Keep reading to learn more about the revolution she launched and how you can get involved.

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What Is Sustainable Fashion, and Where Is It Headed?

July 26, 2018
what is sustainable fashion

Manufacturing one cotton shirt requires 2,700 liters of water, which is enough drinking water for one person for two and a half years. Switching to synthetic materials isn’t necessarily any better. Although a polyester shirt requires fewer resources, it creates twice as much carbon emissions as a cotton shirt.

The culture of fast fashion exacerbates these impacts. Over the years, the number of fashion cycles in a year has increased from two to more than 50, which results in people buying and discarding more clothing. Today, the fashion industry produces about 20 pieces of clothing per person every year, and the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year.

As more people became aware of the environmental issues surrounding apparel, the sustainable fashion movement emerged. Today, the cause continues to gain ground in the fashion world.

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8 Ways to Celebrate National Simplicity Day

July 12, 2018
National Simplicity Day

If someone asked you when holidays typically happen, you might answer in the fall and winter. During those months, there’s always another upcoming holiday to prepare for. It’s exhausting because they keep you so busy. While there are fewer holidays in the warmer months, there are still a couple you can celebrate without having to go overboard on buying gifts or going on an extravagant trip.

In fact, the holiday you can look forward to is National Simplicity Day. Every year on July 12, people across the nation celebrate the simple things in life. Most of the time, this is shown by little changes to your daily routine that make life easier and kinder on the earth. Read on for ways you can join in on National Simplicity Day this year. You might find that you want to keep up the changes to lead a simpler life all year long.

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Should We All Join the Crunchy Mom Movement?

July 9, 2018
crunchy mom movement

The crunchy mom movement is quickly becoming mainstream way of raising your children. Crunchy moms live a natural and healthy way of life. They prefer natural remedies, as opposed to medicinal ones and opt for fresh air instead of AC. Crunchy moms feed their families all organic food and don’t use disposable diapers because they’re bad for the environment.

With so many celebrity crunchy moms out there, such as Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell and Natalie Portman, the crunchy mom movement has become even more mainstream and a topic of great discussion. The stigma that surrounds crunchy moms very much exists — other moms feel crunchy moms think they are better mothers.

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